Great Britain 1955-1970 Group of 3 Local Postage Due Covers Franked With Postage Due Stamps, Fine to Very Fine

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A group of three fine to Very Fine local covers all shortpaid and franked with various postage due issues as follows:

  • 1970 4d local cover, with no stamps affixed, consequently rated 4d and franked with two 4d blue no watermark postage dues (D75). This stamp used lists for 6.75 pounds each and so this is a very good cover.
  • April 1955 registered, so Tudor Crown period, shortpaid by 2.5d, and so rated 5d with a 5d yellow brown (D20) affixed. This stamp off cover lists for 20 pounds, and so this is another desirable cover. 
  • November 1960 3d local cover, with no postage affixed, and so rated 6d, franked with two irregular blocks of 3 1d blues (either D47 or D57)

Our estimate of the value of these covers based on the above factors is $30.  This is based on the Gibbons value of the listed items alone, used off-cover which is over 30 pounds. To understand how we have assessed these covers and arrived at this estimate and to gain a broader understanding of postal history collecting, I would suggest you read the article linked here. It should clarify the factors that make covers, and this one in particular scarce, and will help you to understand why we have estimated it at this amount.