Gold Coast #77 (SG#81) 2/6d Black and Red on Blue King George V, 1913-1921 Multiple Crown Imperium Keyplate Issue, Two Fine and VF Used Examples of the Die 1, Each a Different Shade

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One fine and one VF used examples of the 2/6d black and red on blue paper from the 1913-1921 King George V Multiple Crown CA Imperium Keyplate issue, both being die 1 and printed in completely different colours. One is grey and carmine and the other is grey-black and deep red. 

    Gibbons lists these stamps in fine used at 26 pounds (approx. $52).  The stamps offered here grade 78 and 68 as follows:

    Centering/Margins: 40/60 and 30/60

    Paper freshness: 5/5 

    Colour: 5/5

    Impression: 5/5 

    Absence of visible paper flaws: 5/5 

    Perforations: 10/10 

    Cancellation: 8/10