Canada #O47 2c Green Queen Elizabeth II, 1962-1967 Cameo Issue, FNH UR, LR and LL Field Stock Corner Blocks With "G" Overprint

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Fine NH upper right, lower left and lower right field stock corner blocks of the 2c green "G" overprint stamp from the 1962-1963 Cameo Official Issue. Printed on smooth DF paper with streaky gum, and with different perfs as follows:

  • LR - 11.9
  • LL - 11.95 x 11.9 
  • UR - 11.9

All three blocks have narrow selvedge, which indicates that they come from the inside corners of the UL, UR and LL panes. 

The Unitrade catalogue value of these blocks is $16.95 in this grade. 

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