Canada McCann #BK82a and BK84a 1982-1987 Artifacts and National Parks Issue, 2 Complete 50¢ Counter Booklets Containing the 30c and 32c Maple Leaf Stamps, Dull Fluorescent Panes and Covers

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Two well centered and very fine examples of the 50¢ counter booklet from the 1982-1987 Artifacts and National Parks Issue, one containing the 5c, 10c and 30c stylized maple leaf stamps and the other containing the 5c, 8c and 32c stylized maple leaf stamps. The contents have the following characteristics:

Paper type: Abitibi paper

Paper fluorescence: Dull fluorescent flecked (DF-fl)

Printing method: Engraving

Pane or tab width: 70.5 mm

Tagging type: 4 mm GT-2 & GT-4 Tagging

Printer: British American Bank Note Company

Tagging varieties: None

Perforation or die cut: 11.9 x 12.4 Comb

Stamp colours: Deep reddish lilac, bottle green and scarlet red


The covers display the following characteristics:

Cover fluorescence: Dull fluorescent

Cover seal type: Unsealed

Cover design: Abitibi Cover Newfoundland legislature design.

Cover binding type: None, booklet folded along the cover

Counting tab on cover? Yes


The McCann catalogue value for a VF-75 mint examples of these booklet is $8.50. But McCann's prices are out of date, as the last edition of that catalogue was published in 1996, so it is likely closer to $10. The least expensive versions of BK82 and BK84 in McCann are $1-$1.50 as compared to Unitrade, where this booklet always catalogues $between $1.50 and $2.50. The booklets offered here grade VF-80 as follows:


Cover freshness: 10/10

Centering of the panes: 50/70

Condition of cover edges: 5/5

Freshness of the panes: 5/5

Absence of visible cover flaws or stains: 5/5

Condition of interleaving and contents: 5/5


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