Canada McCann #BK81Ahvar 1977-1982 Floral and Environment Issue, Complete $4.25 Booklet DF Cover, DF Vertically Ribbed Pane, Black Wedges on Tab

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A well centered and very fine example of the $4.25 booklet from the 1977-1982 Floral and Environment Issue, containing a pane of 25 + 2 labels of the 17c Queen. This booklet is from the first printing, and is on dull fluorescent vertically ribbed paper, with rough 4 mm tagging bars. The tab shows black wedges that are listed in McCann as existing on the smooth paper, but not the ribbed paper (BK81Ah). The contents have the following characteristics:

Paper type: Smooth Coated Abitibi paper

Paper fluorescence: DF

Printing method: Engraving and Photogravure

Label position(s): Lower Left & Left Centre

Tagging type: 4 mm GT-2 Tagging

Printer: British American Bank Note Company

Perforation or die cut: 11.9 x 12.4 Comb

Stamp colours: Bright green, black and grey


The covers display the following characteristics:


Cover fluorescence: Dull fluorescent

Cover seal type: Unsealed

Cover design: Running letters

Cover binding type: None, booklet folded along the cover

Counting tab on cover? No

The McCann catalogue value for a VF-75 mint example of the  booklet on smooth paper is $15. The booklet offered here grades VF-80 as follows:


Cover freshness: 10/10

Centering of the panes: 50/70

Condition of cover edges: 5/5

Freshness of the panes: 5/5

Absence of visible cover flaws or stains: 5/5

Condition of interleaving and contents: 5/5


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