Canada #BK419 2004-2010 Floral and Flag Issue, A VFNH $6 Booklet Containing $1 Giant Helleborine, Lowe-Martin Printing on NF/HB TRC Paper, Showing Slight Doubling of Canada Due to Colour Shift

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A VFNH complete $6 booklet from the 2004-2010 Floral and Flag issue containing the $1 Giant Helleborine, showing slight doubling of "Canada", due to a colour shift. Printed on NF TRC paper with a HB cover. As shown by the colour dots in the inscription, the pink colour has gotten shifted slightly downward, which results in very slight doubling of the "Canada" inscription. At the same time, the orange has gotten shifted upward, so that the $1.00 face value touches the Canada inscription, whereas there would normally be a space between them. 

Unitrade does not list differences in the fluorescence of the booklet covers, nor the fluorescence of the panes inside, but there are definite variations and in my opinion, they are every bit as collectible as other aspects to the booklets. 

    Unitrade lists this booklet at $12 for a normal booklet. With the shift, we feel that the value should be more in the $40-$50 range. The booklet offered here grades 84  as follows:

    Cover freshness: 10/10

    Centering of the pane: 54/70

    Condition of cover edges: 5/5

    Freshness of the pane: 5/5

    Absence of visible cover flaws or stains: 5/5 

    Condition of interleaving and contents: 5/5