Canada #BK345i (2200) $1.55 The Little Larkspur, 2004-2012 Floral & Canadian Pride Issue, A Complete Booklet With the Shiny Lacquer Tagging and Printing Shift

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A very well centered and very fine example of the $9.30 booklet from the 2004-2012 Floral and National Pride Issue, printed on TRC paper, showing the strong shiny lacquer tagging from the second printing.  In addition to all the above, there is a printing shift also, involving the magenta and bright blue and violet blue colours, resulting in the colour dots in the inscription being out of alignment, and in the flowers having a bright blue outline. 

The Unitrade catalogue value for a VF-75 mint example of the normal booklet is $34. Our estimate of the value with the printing shift is $50. The booklet offered here grades VF-80 as follows:


Cover freshness: 10/10

Centering of the pane: 50/70

Condition of cover edges: 5/5

Freshness of the pane: 5/5

Absence of visible cover flaws or stains: 10/10


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