Canada #BK236Aa 1999-2003 Trades & Wildlife Issue, a VFNH $4.70 Booklet Containing 47c Flag Over Inukshuk, Field Stock, LF JAC Paper, MF Cover, "Moving?" Ad on Back, Misplaced Die Cutting, Pattern 1

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A VFNH complete $4.70 booklet from the 1999-2003 Trades and Wildlife issue containing the 47c Canadian flag over Inukshuk stamp.  The stamps are printed on JAC paper that is LF and the booklet cover is MF.  The booklet is a field stock booklet with a barcode ending in 01776 6, and a "Moving?" ad on the back. The die cutting is grossly misplaced as shown in the scan, resulting in only one half of a top stamp in the first row and the bottom stamps being 1.5 times the size of normal stamps. This is a most spectacular and striking error. 

Unitrade does not list differences in the fluorescence of the booklet covers, nor the fluorescence of the panes inside, but there are definite variations and in my opinion, they are every bit as collectible as other aspects to the booklets. 

    Unitrade does not list these types of misplaced die cuts, but individual stamps like this typically sell for $20-$25 each, so a complete booklet should be worth $200 or so. The booklet offered here grades 75 as follows:

    Cover freshness: 10/10

    Centering of the pane: 45/70 

    Condition of cover edges: 5/5

    Freshness of the pane: 5/5

    Absence of visible cover flaws or stains: 5/5

    Condition of interleaving and contents: 5/5