Canada #1158, 1160 1988 Low Value Mammals Definitives, Two Airmail Covers to Lithuania, Franked With the 5c and 10c Values in Combination With Commemoratives

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Two airmail covers sent to Lithuania, and franked with combinations of low value mammals and commemoratives as follows:

  • October 24, 1991 cover franked with pair of 1990 Canada Day and 5c Varying Hare to make up the 80c rate, being overpaid by 3c. Vilnius arrival backstamp.
  • May 23, 1992 cover franked with pair of 37c butterflies and a 10c skunk to make up the 84c rate. 

The commemoratives are a little late as far as usages go, but not overly late. Both low values are in-period, as the edible berries definitives were not issued until August 5, 1992. Lithuania is a better destination also. 

Est. $10.