Canada #650ii-653 6c-15c Multicoloured, 1974 Christmas Issue, A VF Combination First Day Cover, Showing the Scarce "Tear in Dress" Variety From a Different Position on the 6c

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A VF official Canada Post combination first day cover of the 1974 Christmas  issue, showing the scarce "Tear in Dress" variety from a position other than position 46, on the 6c. This is evidenced by the nature of the tear, which is not as severe, as the position 46 tear and appears higher up on the dress. Although Unitrade places an EP notation next to this variety, I do not think this is correct, as most all sheets I examine of this stamp do NOT contain the variety. The stamps are all printed on the normal LF/HF paper and the envelope is NF.

      Unitrade values the normal combination FDC at $2.10 and the variety at $50 for the position 46 variety. So my estimate of the value is $25. 


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