Canada #647a, 8c Red Winter Sports, 1974 Olympics Issue, a Fine NH UR Field Stock Block Showing 1-Bar Tagging Error

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A fine NH upper right field stock block of the 8c red winter sports stamps from the 1974 Olympics Issue, being printed on low fluorescent paper, and with the tagging shifted to the right, causing the 1-bar left tag error, as listed in Rose. The tagging is medium strength, in that it appears light yellow on the stamps under normal light, rather than the brownish yellow that is associated with the heavier tagging.  

Rose values this blocks at $250 for VFNH, so a fine block is worth approximately $125. This is one of the scarcer tagging errors from this period. The block offered here grades 70 as follows:

Centering/margins: 40/70 
Paper freshness: 5/5
Colour: 5/5
Impression: 5/5
Absence of visible paper flaws: 5/5
Perforations: 10/10