Canada #525pii 6c Multicolored Children and Christmas Tree 1970 Christmas Issue, Tagged Centre Block, Without "Scratch in Window", Medium Fluorescent Ribbed Paper

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A very fine example of the scarce Winnipeg Tagged centre block of 4 of the 5c children and Christmas tree stamp from the 1970 Christmas Issue. This block is printed on the medium fluorescent vertically ribbed horizontal wove paper, and does not show the constant variety "scratch in window" that is present on most sheets. Only a few sheets in the print layout show the windows without the variety and are therefore scarcer. 

Although not listed in Unitrade, this issue can be found on both smooth and vertical ribbed papers. The ribbing, when present can always be seen from the gummed side, but also the front as well, in most cases. 

Unitrade values this block at $300 for VFNH ($200 plus a 50% premium for no variety).

The block offered here grades 75 as follows:

Margins/centering: 45/70

Paper freshness: 5/5

Colour: 5/5

Impression: 5/5

Absence of visible paper flaws: 5/5

Perforations: 10/10

The block has been lightly folded through the vertical perforations. 


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