Canada #503-503p 6c Multicolored Children Praying, 1969 Christmas Issue, A Group of 6 VFNH Pairs, Each Showing Different Repellex "Donut" Varieties

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A group of 6 VFNH tagged and untagged pairs of the  6c Multicolored Children Praying stamp from the 1969 Christmas Issue, showing different repellex "donut" varieties as follows:

  • spot on hair girl in foreground on left stamp, untagged
  • purple spot below OE of Noel on right stamp, untagged
  • moon at upper left of design on left stamp, untagged
  • big purple spot in AD of Canada on top stamp, tagged
  • purple spot above D of Canada on bottom stamp, tagged
  • moon at upper left of design of right stamp, tagged

It is not known if any of these are constant, or semi-constant. However, they are interesting and would make a welcome addition to a varieties collection. 

These varieties are not listed in Unitrade, but $3 per pair is reasonable. Thus our estimate for the lot is $18. The pairs offered here grade between 75 and 84. 

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