Canada #41 3c Vermilion Red Queen Victoria, 1870-1897 Small Queen Issue, Three Very Fine Used Examples of the Second Ottawa Printing, Each a Slightly Different Shade and all Dated

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Three very fine used examples of the second Ottawa printing of the 3c vermilion Queen Victoria stamp from the 1870-1897 Small Queen Issue, each printed in a slightly different shade. All three are printed on the poor quality soft horizontal wove paper in use during the earlier part of the second Ottawa period and are perf. 12. All are dated, with an early 1889 date, 1891 and 1894. Unitrade values three VF-75 used singles at $3. The stamps offered here grade 75, 80 and 84 as follows:

Margins/centering: 35/60, 40/60, 44/60

Paper freshness: 5/5

Colour: 5/5

Impression: 5/5

Absence of visible paper flaws: 5/5

Perforations: 10/10

Cancellation: 10/10