Canada #402/436 1962-1967 Cameo Issue, Three Airmail Covers to Pakistan Franked With Combination Usages

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Three 25c airmail covers to West Pakistan, sent from Charlottetown PEI in 1964. Each cover is franked with a different combination of stamps from the Cameo issue and 1964 commemorative issues as follows:

  • One cover is franked with 5c Charlottetown, 5c Quebec Conference and 15c Canada Geese. 1964 Confederation conference label on reverse, and indistinct receiving backstamp. 
  • One cover is overpaid by 1c, being franked with a set of 1964 Christmas, 5c Quebec Conference, 5c Royal Visit and 8c jet plane. 1964 Easter Seals on back. This cover has a 10mm edge tear at the bottom.
  • One cover is franked with 2c Cameo, 8c on 7c jet plane and 15c Canada Geese.

Pakistan is one of the scarcer destinations from this period, as is the 25c airmail rate. The frankings are scarcer than the standard frankings which would have been ether a 25c Chemical Industry, a 20c paper industry + 5c definitive or a pair of the 10c Inuk & Kayak and 5c Cameo. The last cover is probably the best of these, as it has a proper, in-period use of the surcharged jet plane stamp. 

A little toned, which is to be expected on covers from Pakistan, which is hot and humid. 

Est. $40 for the three.