Canada #401-403 1c Brown, 2c Green And 3c Purple Queen Elizabeth II From The 1962-67 Cameo Issue, 6 First Day Covers Featuring Singles, Pairs, Strips of 3 and Blocks

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6 VF Rose Craft first day covers of the 1c brown, 2c green and 3c purple Queen Elizabeth II stamps from the 1962-1967 Cameo Issue. The covers are stamped in Ottawa on the official first day of release of the stamp it features. The cachets are on display on the left hand side of the cover, and features the Rose Craft in the lower left hand side of the design. Two covers feature the 1c stamp, in a block plus a single for one, and a pair in the other. The two 2c covers feature a single and a strip of 3, and the two 3c covers feature a single and a pair.

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