Canada #37, 41 3c Orange Red & Vermillion 1870-1897 Small Queen Issue, Cancel Lot Consisting of 5 Very Fine Perf. 12 Examples With Different Fancy Cancels

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5 very fine used examples of the 3c cent orange red Small Queen, and 3c vermilion Small Queen, all perf. 12. Four of the stamps are #37's from the Montreal Printings and one is a second Ottawa Printing in vermilion.  

In terms of the cancels we have:

  • a solid semicircle killer on the #41
  • two circle of wedges cancels
  • a segmented cork
  • a three ring bullseye


Unitrade value for used is less relevant when offering the stamps for their cancellation interest, especially when dealing with very fine quality like this. A reasonable value is $6-$7 per stamp, or $30-$35. The grades vary from VF-75 to VF-80. 


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