Canada #37iii 3c Orange Red 1870-1897 Small Queen Issue, Cancel Lot Consisting of 3 Perf. 11.75 x 12 Examples With Different Fancy Cancels

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3 fine used examples of the 3c cent orange red Small Queen, all perf. 11.75 x 12. There is a range of shades here from pale orange red, to bright orange red. The stamps in this lot are all Montreal printings. The quality is generally fine to very fine. 

In terms of the cancels we have:

  • 2 bulls eye cancels
  • 1 interesting starburst segmented cork cancel

Unitrade values three fine used examples of this perf, which is in the same group as pwerf. 11.5 x 12, at $22.50. Typically there is a modest to significant premium for fancy cancels. The bullseyes are fairly common, but the cork cancel here is a bit more interesting, so a reasonable value is $30. The grades vary from F-65 to F-68. 


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