Canada #341i 5c Bright Blue Queen Elizabeth II, 1954-1962 Wilding Issue, A Matched Set Plate 16 Blocks of 4, Various Shades, Papers and Perfs. VFNH

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A Matched Set of VFNH plate 16 blocks of 4 of the 5c bright blue Queen Elizabeth II stamp from the 1954-1962 Wilding Issue.

The blocks included in this lot are all different either by position, paper, by shade or by gum. For blocks of the same position, the chief difference will be the shade of ultramarine, which shows more variation on this value than any other in the Wilding series. 

The perfs on this block were not measured, so the perfs could be any of the sizes listed throughout the sale, like 12, 12 x 11.95, 11.95, 11.95 x 12 or 12.1 x 11.95.

Unitrade values these blocks at $24.00 in this grade. The blocks offered here grade between VF-75 to VF-80