Canada #286b 1949-1952 3c Postes-Postage Issue and 5c Wildlife Issue, Specialized Group of 3 VFNH Booklet Panes

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A well centered and fresh NH group of 3 booklet panes from the 1949-1952 Postes-Postage Issue and 1954 Wildlife issue comprising two varieties of the 3c rose purple, and the stitched booklet pane of the 5c beaver.  The two 3c panes are very, very similar but exhibit very slight differences in the shade of the green and colour of the gum. Unitrade values VF-75 mint NH examples of these panes at $13. The panes offered here grade between 75 and 80 as follows:

Centering/margins: 45/70, and 50/70 

Paper freshness: 5/5

Colour: 5/5

Impression: 5/5

Absence of visible paper flaws: 5/5

Condition of the edges: 10/10

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