Canada #O285-O286, O12-O15A, O16-O20 and O28-O29 1949-1952 Postes Postage Issue and Natural Resources Issue - Mostly VFNH Examples of All Official Stamps

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An attractive and very fine selection of 18 stamps, covering all of the OHMS 4-hole perfins, OHMS overprints and G overprints on the 1c-5c regularly issued  stamps from the Postes-Postage issue.  

All of the values in this issue can be found with shade varieties that range from subtle to obvious, with the 3c rose purple being the value that shows the most variation.:

  • The 1c varies mostly in the brightness of the green. 
  • The 2c sepia varies according to how black the colour is.
  • The 2c olive green varies according to the green/yellow mix.
  • The 3c rose purple varies according to how much purple versus rose is in the colour. 
  • The 4c carmine varies both in intensity as well as whether it is a warm tone or a cold tone. Same with the 4c orange.  

The paper used to print these is generally a smooth vertical wove, but on some stamps, there is visible vertical ribbing in the paper, at least when viewed from the back, and quite often the front. There is also a crisp hard paper that was used briefly in 1949 and which can be found on the 50c oil wells. Finally the gum shows a lot of variation, with some stamps having very shiny yellow gum and others having gum that is much flatter and streakier.  None of these varieties are listed in Unitrade, but in my humble opinion they are every bit as collectible as the listed varieties on the earlier issues. 

The grade of these stamps varies from F-70 to VF-84. Both 1c stamps are the only that are F-70, with the rest being at least VF-75. The 5c G overprint (O20) is hinged. Unitrade value for these stamps is: $37.15.