Canada #275 4c Dark Blue 1947 Citizenship Issue, Interesting First Day Cover Sent to Bermuda

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An attractive and very fine first day cover, franked with a strip of three, which have been cancelled with crisp July 1, 1947 Ottawa CDS cancels. What makes this cover interesting is the lack of markings and the franking. There are none of the usual markings that would normally be on a first day cover. The franking is 12c, which under the preferential letter rates at the time would have paid for 5 ounces of postage. Yet the envelope does not exhibit the type of wear that would be expected from an envelope containing 5 ounces.

So I think this is simply a case of a friend mailing a cover to another friend and deciding to use a strip of 3 stamps instead of a single for no particular reason. It is a nice destination, but a pity that the franking has no specific philatelic significance.

Unitrade values a common Artcraft or Rosecraft FDC with a cachet at $3. This one should be worth $5 on account of the destination. 

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