Canada #262, CE1 $1 Steel Blue Hossack Destroyer, & 16c Deep Ultramarine Trans-Canada Airplane 1942-1949 War Issue, A Very Fine Registered First Day Cover to Bermuda

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An attractive and very fine first day cover, franked with a single well centered $1 destroyer and a 16c airmail special delivery stamp. The cover was sent from Vernon, BC to St. George's Bermuda, and there are no fewer than 6 backstamps on the reverse:

  1. July 1, 1942 Vernon, BC split ring.
  2. July 2, 1942 Kel & SIC RPO
  3. July 3, 1942 Vancouver, BC CDS
  4. July 4, 1942 Montreal and Montreal B&F Div CDS cancels
  5. July 11, 1942 Hamilton, Bermuda CDS

The cover is sealed, indicating that it is philatelic. There is a nice black Union Jack "1st Day Cover" handstamp in the upper left corner. This is a beautiful cover, despite being purely philatelic. 

Unitrade values a fine addressed FDC with a cachet at $150. This one should be worth $85-90 on account of the destination and the backstamps. 

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