Canada #252 3c Rose Plum King George VI 1942-1949 War Issue, Single Used on Humerous 1949 Postcard From Port Carling, ON to Toronto, ON

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An attractive and humourous cartoon postcard from 1949 featuring the caption "I Still Manage to Get Around" above a fellow riding a horse-drawn car. The card was sent from Port Carling, ON to Toronto and is franked with a single 3c rose plum King George VI stamp from the War Issue, paying the 3c postage. The stamp is nicely tied by a Port Carling wavy-line machine duplex cancel. There is a barely noticeable minor corner bend in the upper left corner of the card, as seen from the front. 

I always like these slightly irreverent cartoon cards from this time period, and I pick them up whenever I can find them. Est. $5.