Canada #252 3c Rose Plum King George VI 1942-1949 War Issue, Single Used on an Intact Panoramic View Folio for the City of Montreal

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An attractive and intact panoramic tour folio for Montreal that includes a map of the city and 20 colour views of the city's prominent landmarks, printed in an accordion fashion on double sided sheets. 

This is an interesting take on a product that was in fairly common use during this period, but is no longer produced, and that is the postcard folio. Postcard folios were often sold for high volume tourist destinations and would contain a number of postcards inside the folio that would show common scenes from the place you were visiting. You would tear the postcards out and send them to your friends and relatives. 

This however, is not a postcard folio. Rather it is designed to be sent to a friend or relative in advance of a visit by them. The idea is that you send it to the person you want to come visit you. Then, they have a map of the city and pictures of all the places they might want to visit while they are in town. It is a fantastic idea, that has likely died out due to the printing and assembly costs, which were probably prohibitive. 

This is the type of material, in my opinion that can really punch up a collection of the War Issue or Peace Issue because there are a number of products like this that were sent through the mail during the life of these issues that are no longer sold today, as well as services offered then that are not offered now. 

It would be interesting to take this folio to Montreal today and see how different the city is now compared to back then.

The folio was sent to Buffalo, NY and is franked with a single #252. Unfortunately the date on the cancel is not clear, so I cannot tell if it was sent before the War or after. 

A fantastic postal history item! Est. $15.