Canada #1-ST and 2-ST 1983-1984 Experimental Stick 'N Tick Labels, VFNH Examples on Original Backing Paper

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VFNH and relatively fresh examples of the two issued Stick N Tic labels. These labels were an experiment that was conducted mainly in Winnipeg to speed mail sorting during the Christmas season using optical character recognition technology. The experiment was a success and for a time, envelopes were produced with the postal code matrix pre-printed on them, but the labels themselves were never produced after 1984. 

There is a very mild amount of bleeding of the adhesive on 1-ST, as seen on nearly every example we come across now. Most are actually much worse in this regard. The adhesive has not held up well after nearly 40 years. But this example is quite nice as far as these go. 

Unitrade cat is only $12, which is low, as these are not found that often anymore.