Canada #1191-1193, 1194, 1194B 1989-1990 Self Adhesives and Coils - A Group of 6 Official Canada Post First Day Covers

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6 official Canada Post first day covers, featuring the 38c, 39c and 40c self-adhesive quick stick stamps, pairs of the 37c Parliament coil and 39c flag coil and a strip of 4 of the 37c Parliament coil. 

The envelopes with the 38c self-adhesive and 37c coil strip are dull fluorescent, while that containing the 37c coil pair is low fluorescent. The other envelopes are all hibrite. I describe the properties of the envelopes for official FDC's because they are part of the official Canada Post Product, and are supposed to be standardized. 

Unitrade cat is $10.50. 

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