Australia #271/284 1954-1955 Commemoratives, 2 Covers to USA, Sent in 1956, Bearing Multiple Frankings

Sold out

Two covers, sent to the USA from Brisbane and NSW in 1956 as follows:

  • An airmail cover, sent from Newport Beach, NSW on Feb 21, 1956. Franked with 3.5d stamps from 7 issues, from 1954 through 1956, paying 2'0.5d postage to Buffalo, NY. The cover bears a 1955 Anpex label, and this combined with the stamp combination suggests it is philatelic. 
  • A surface cover, sent from Brisbane to the same addressee, on April 30, 1956. Franked with 3.5d Red Cross, Rotary and South Australia Stamp Centennial, paying 10.5d postage, which again, is likely overpaying the rate to the US. 

Despite their philatelic nature, these are quite attractive and fine overall. Est. $5 for the pair.