Australia #257 (SG#262aa) 3d Deep Grey Green Queen Elizabeth II, 1953-1954 Definitive Issue, a Fine NH Vertical Coil Pair

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A fine NH vertical coil pair of the 3d deep grey green Queen Elizabeth II stamp from the 1953-1954 definitive issue.

Scott does not list coils from this period, but Gibbons does. The coils can be distinguished by the varying size of the perforation holes, which are smaller on the 2 perfs on each side, and larger towards the middle, in order to facilitate separation. This method of producing coils was followed well into the early 1960's. This pair is printed on opaque unwatermarked paper. This issue is found on papers of varying thickness. 

    Gibbons lists a pair at 5 pounds (approx. $10) for VFNH.  The pair offered here grades 70 as follows:

    Centering/Margins 40/70 

    Paper freshness: 5/5

    Colour: 5/5

    Impression: 5/5

    Absence of visible paper flaws: 5/5

    Perforations: 10/10