Australia #267/313, C8 (SG#272-307) 1954-1958 Commemoratives and 1954-57 Definitives, A Specialized Lot of 52 Mostly VFNH Stamps

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A VFNH group of 52 stamps (1 LH), comprising all the commemoratives issued from 1954 through 1958, plus the 1954-1957 Queen Elizabeth II definitives, and 1957 airmail, showing a variety of shade differences that are not listed, either in Gibbons, or Scott. 

Most all of the engraved stamps issued during the Elizabethan period can be found printed in different shades of the basic colour, and this lot includes several of these. In addition, both the watermarked and unwatermarked paper can be found in both thinner and thicker versions, which can easily be distinguished by looking at the relative opacity of the stamps when viewed from the back. 

Gibbons lists the basic stamps at 25.50 pounds (approx. $51) for VFNH. The stamps here grade between 70 and 84, but mostly all at least 80 and above.