Pristine January 1857 Stampless Cover to A.J Papineau, Son of Louis Joseph Papineau

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A beautifully addressed orange envelope addressed to Amedee Papineau (A.J) in Saint Cesaire and sent there from Montreal on January 17, 1857. Amadee was the eldest son of famed French Canadian politician Louis Joseph Papaineau. 

Although the Papineau family resided in Montbello, Quebec when Papineau died in 1871, when this letter was sent the family was living in St. Cesaire. Although not 100% certain, it would appear, from the appearance of the handwriting on the front and from a known image of Papineau's signature (shown here) that the handwriting is indeed his and he is writing to his son while away in Montreal.

If you look at the signature and look at the formation of his "p's", "a's" and "i's", the similarity between the handwriting in the signature and the front of this envelope is very clear. 

The letter was sent in the stampless period when payment could be made upon receipt. Accordingly, the letter is rated "3" in black, in the top right corner, indicating that 3d postage is due upon receipt. This is intriguing as one would think that Papineau could send letters for free, but apparently this was not the case. 

A beautiful piece of postal history. Estimate $75.