1983 Commemoratives, 19 Canada Post Official FDC's Plus 1 Unofficial (#976) With Singles, Pairs And Plate Blocks

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19 Canada Post official FDC's and 1 unofficial FDC for the 1983 Commemorative Issues, franked with singles, pairs and plate blocks.  

The envelope fluorescence levels vary widely, most are DF except for the following:

  • 1 Gilbert, 1 Church and 2 authors - LF
  • 1 scouts, 1 universaide and SJA - MF
  • 1 authors, 1 nickel and 1 church - HF

Envelope fluorescence is an aspect of post-1971 FDC's that is completely ignored by all the catalogues. I'm not sure why, as FDC's after 1971 are a standardized Canada Post Product, with issue specifications - exactly the same as the stamps on them. The envelopes are but one component of this product in the same way that tagging is to a stamp, or gum is to a stamp, and in many cases you will see varied reactions under UV for FDC's that otherwise look exactly the same. To the extent I see differences I will describe them here. 

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