Canada #BK69fii (SG#SB78q) 25c Centennial Booklet Cover Type 3 MF Paper OP-2 Tagging Cover Design Type 1 Clear Sealing Strip VF-75 NH

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A well centered and very fine NH example of the 25c Centennial Issue integral booklet containing 1 pane of 3 1c stamps, 1 6c stamp and 2 8c stamps, with type 3 "Free Dispenser" cover, depicting a motorcycle and clear sealing strip, with the strip applied to both sides of the cover. The cover is printed on dimpled card stock which gives a dull fluorescent violet grey reaction under ultraviolet light, with no fluorescent fibres visible in the stock. In addition, the card stock is smooth on the outside, and smooth on the inside. The pane is printed on smooth paper giving a low fluorescent bluish reaction under ultraviolet light, with a low density concentration of low fluorescent fibres and a sparse concentration of medium fluorescent fibres being visible in the paper.  The fibres give the paper an overall medium fluorescent appearance. The stamp colours are not significantly different under UV as they are in normal light. The 1c is a deep chocolate brown. The sealing strip is clearly applied to both sides of the cover, whereas it usually was only applied to one side before sealing. The comparison scan shows the difference between the two types. Neither Unitrade, nor McCann mention this difference, but it is very clear. Unitrade values a VF-75 NH booklet at $3.  This booklet is listed in McCann as BK69ao. The booklet offered here grades 75 as follows:

Centering of the panes: 45/70

Cover freshness: 10/10

Condition of cover edges: 5/5

Freshness of panes: 5/5

Absence of visible cover flaws/stains: 5/5 

Condition of interleaving and contents: 5/5


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