Canada #74i (SG#150) 1/2c Grey on Toned Paper Used on Postcard to Algeria VF-81

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A fresh and attractive picture postcard for the 1908 Quebec Pageant that has been sent from Ottawa to Algeria. The card was franked on the picture side with a single 1/2c grey from the 1898-1902 Numeral issue. Consequently, it is used just slightly out of period. The stamp pays the half cent printed matter rate, as indicated by the "Imprimes" on the back of the card that has been stamped there. "Imprimes" translates to "Printed". This is further supported by the fact that there is no message, only an address for a Mme. A. L. Lahaise which has been applied by blue rummer stamp. Where the stamp is supposed to have been applied appears the words "Timbre Cote Vue" which means "Stamp side view" to indicate that the stamp is on the opposite side. The stamp is tied by a January 12, 1909 Ottawa Orb CDS. The card is pristine, except for a small 3mm tear at the base. A noted exhibit of postcards prepared for the British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS) noted that there were only 2 or three pieces of mail to Algeria known in the 1890's so this postcard must be extremely rare to this destination. Unitrade values a fine used example of the stamp paying the printed matter rate at $300. But this would be for the most common usage, which would be domestic. Use to a rare destination like this should be worth much more. The grade of this card is VF-81 as follows:

Intactness of the card: 25/25

Paper freshness from the front: 25/25

Paper freshness from the back: 10/10

Condition of the paper and edges: 5/15

Appearance of the handwriting: 4/5

Clarity of the postal markings: 10/15

Condition of the stamp: 2/5

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