Canada #591xxiii (SG#698) 6c Bright Scarlet Pearson 1972-1978 Caricature Issue HF Paper Mis-Perf Block VF-75 NH

SKU 222818697321

A very fine NH block of 4 of the 6c scarlet precancelled Lester Pearson stamp from the 1973-1977 Caricature Issue, showing the junction of two perforating comb strikes half way up the top stamps. Printed on vertical wove paper showing no ribbing on either the front or back, and with a burnished smooth texture on the printed surface. The paper gives a low fluorescent bluish white reaction under ultraviolet light on the face, with low density concentrations of low and medium fluorescent fibres visible, as well as very few high fluorescent fibres. On the back the paper gives a medium fluorescent bluish white reaction, with low density concentrations of low and medium fluorescent fibres visible in the paper. General OP-2 Ottawa tagging, 4 mm wide, of light strength (barely visible to the naked eye), and glowing a bright yellow under ultraviolet light. Comb perforated 12.0 x 12.5. The intersection of two perforating comb strikes is evidenced by a slight shift to the left of the vertical perforations in the upper half of the top stamps in the block. Smooth, creamy PVA gum with a satin sheen. Unitrade lists 591xxiii as HF paper, but I have found 6 different variations of tagging and fluorescence that qualify as HF overall. This is one of those variations. Unitrade values four VF-75 NH singles at $8.00, but a block like this showing this varety should be worth $15-20. The block offered here grades 75 as follows: Margins/centering: 45/70 Paper freshness: 5/5 Colour: 5/5 Impression: 5/5 Absence of visible paper flaws: 5/5 Perforations: 10/10 Note: the above scan is a stock photo as are all my scans for material after 1952. The item(s) you will receive has (have) been carefully checked to adhere to the above grading standards, so while it (they) may not be exactly the same, it (they) will be of the same quality. Also, I do not provide back scans of NH stamps or blocks after 1952 unless they are required to illustrate some attribute of the paper or gum.

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