Canada #423i (SG#547) 5c Lilac, Green And Bistre British Of Columbia 1964-1966 Provincial Emblems Issue on LF-fl Paper VF 84 NH

SKU 322106389531

A very well centered and very fine NH example of the Canada #423 5c Lilac, Green And Bistre 1964 British Of Columbia VF 84 NH. Printed on non fluorescent paper with a sparse consentration of highly fluorescent fibres. Unitrade values a VF example of this stamp at $2.00. The stamp offered here grades 84 and above. Note: the above scan is a stock photo as are all my scans for material after 1952.The item (s) you will receive has (have) been carefully checked to adhere to the above grading standards, so while it (they) may not be exactly the same, it (they) will be of the same quality. Also, I do not provide back scans of NH stamps or blocks after 1952 unless they are required to illustrate some attribute of the paper or gum.

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