Canada #226i (SG#350a) 13c Violet Parliament Buildings in Victoria 1935-1937 Dated Die Issue Re-Entry VF-82 OG

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A very well centered and very fine OG example of  the 50c dull blackish lilac parliament buildings stamp from the 1935-37 Dated Die Issue, showing the major re-entry in "Canada".  Printed on vertical wove paper with coarse horizontal mesh being visible, and with smooth light brownish cream gum that has a satin sheen. Although not mentioned in Unitrade, this issue has at least 8 different paper and gum type combinations. The paper varies according to the direction of the weave (horizontal versus vertical) and the direction and visibility of the mesh. The gum varies in colour and sheen. In my opinion these varieties are every bit as collectible as perforation and shade varieties on the other issues. Line perf. 12.0.  Unitrade values a VF-75 OG single at $150.  The stamp offered here grades VF-82 OG as follows: Margins/centering: 54/70 Paper freshness: 5/5  Colour: 5/5  Impression: 5/5  Absence of visible paper flaws: 5/5 Perforations: 8/10 

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