Canada #144 (SG#269) 5c Deep Dull Purple 1927 Confederation Issue VF-80 Used Block First Day

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A well centered and very fine used block of four of the 5c deep dull purple Sir Wilfred Laurier stamp from the 1927 60th Anniversary of Confederation Issue, with June 29, 1927 boxed MOON cancel, being the first day of issue! I can't make out the city name, as the cancel is struck lightly, but the date is very clear. Vertical wove paper showing no visible mesh on the back. Unitrade values four VF-75 used examples at $20. However, a used block with a first day cancel like this one is much scarcer than four used singles and consequently should be worth considerably more. The block offered here grades VF-80 as follows: Margins/centering: 40/60 Paper freshness: 5/5 Colour: 5/5 Impression: 5/5 Absence of visible paper flaws: 5/5 Perforations: 10/10 Cancellation: 10/10

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