Canada #126d (SG#256) 1c Lemon Yellow Pair Used on Intact Picture Postcard Folder F-72

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Scarce and largely intact souvenir postcard Album for Windsor Ontario sent from Windsor ON to Youngstown, Ohio, USA. Sent on September 10, 1924. Franked with a pair of the 1c lemon yellow, die 1 wet printing, perforated 8 vertical coil pair of the Admiral Issue to pay the 2c postcard rate (1c plus 1c war tax). The pair is tied by clear strike of a September 10, 1924 Windsor, ON duplex. The folder at one time contained 8 scenic postcards. Three remain in the folder and one can be seen in the third scan. Although postcard folders are much more commonly seen starting in the 1940's, early ones like this from the 1920's are much, much scarcer. Unitrade values a normal in period F-65 cover at $25. The folder offered here is worth much more and grades F-72 as follows:

Intactness of the folder and integrity: 30/40

Paper freshness on the picture side: 8/10

Paper freshness on the address side: 8/10

Condition of the picture: 8/10

Condition of corners and edges: 4/10

Appearance of the handwriting: 4/5

Clarity of the postal markings: 8/10

Condition of the stamps: 2/5

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