Canada #106iii, 108 (SG#201m 204) 2c+3c Admirals Used on 1921 13c Local Registered Cover F-67

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13c local registered Marks Stamp Co. cover to Ottawa, ON sent from Spadina Ave. in Toronto on August 23, 1921.  Franked with a strip of 5 2c deep rose red Admirals (106iii) and a single deep brown wet printing 3c Admiral (108) paying the local registered 13c rate (2c postage, 10c registration plus 1c war tax).  The strip comes from a left hand pane as evidenced by the natural straight edge on the right hand stamp. The stamps are tied by multiple strikes of August 23, 1921 Spadina Ave, Toronto, CDS cancels. On these the day is inverted in relation to the rest of the cancel.  Also, the registration number was altered no fewer than three times. August 24, 1921 Ottawa arrival backstamp.  A nice example of this rate paid with low value Admirals rather than the more common combinations, which at this time would have been either a 10c plum (116) and a 3c (108), or two 5c (111) and the 3c.  The cover offered here grades F-67 as follows:

Intactness of the cover: 25/25 

Paper freshness from the front: 15/25

Paper freshness from the back: 6/10

Condition of the paper and edges: 10/15

Appearance of the handwriting: 4/5

Clarity of the postal markings: 5/15

Condition of the stamps: 2/5

My asking price for this cover is based on 80% of a value of $67 arrived at as follows:

Destination: $1

Franking: $50 (((5 points x  1 points) + 20 points) x  $2 per point). Each stamp is rated according to how common it is on a cover of this rate and assigned a point value.

Rate: $5

Backstamps: $1

If you have any questions about my valuation system for postal history please do contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions. 


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