Canada #104aiis (SG#198) 1c Deep Bluish Green on 1914 Embossed Easter Postcard - VF-80

SKU 322167587085

1914 multicoloured embossed Easter postcard sent from Grimsby ON to Jordan, ON, and depicting a family of chickens. Sent on April 10, 1914. Franked with a single of the 1c deep bluish green squat printing booklet single Admiral definitive to pay the 1c local postcard rate. The stamp is tied by clear strike of an April 10, 1914 Grimsby ON CDS duplex. The card offered here grades VF-80 as follows:

Intactness of the card and integrity: 40/40

Paper freshness on the picture side: 6/10

Paper freshness on the address side: 6/10

Condition of the picture: 8/10

Condition of corners and edges: 6/10

Appearance of the handwriting: 2/5

Clarity of the postal markings: 10/10

Condition of the stamps: 2/5

My asking price for this card is based the following factors:

Scarcity of the card and subject matter: $3

Premium for the cancel: $1

Premium for the stamp: $30

If you have any questions about my valuation system for postal history please do contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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