Who Are We?

We are experts in the stamps and postal history of Canada and Nigeria, and we also possess a comprehensive working knowledge of the stamps of the British Commonwealth and rest of the world.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simply to enhance your collecting experience and making it the best that it can be. Click on the button link to read about our mission in more detail.

Our Merit

Since 2015, we have served over 1,800 customers from around the world and have earned a reputation for fast, professional and courteous service.

Our Promise

Our promise is one of consistency:

  • Consistency of price
  • Consistency of descriptions
  • Consistency of packaging
  • Consistency of service
  • Consistency of quality
  • Consistency of scans

Our Impact

Our goal is to transform the hobby of stamp collecting and bring it well into the 21st century, while promoting the hobby to the maximum extent possible.

Meet The Founder

Christopher McFetridge, CPA, CA

President and CEO

A passionate philatelist, Mr. McFetridge has had over 41 years of experience studying and working with Canadian, and British Commonwealth stamps. A Certified Public Accountant by training, he left a 21 year public accounting career to establish Brixton-Chrome Inc., in July 2015. Since then, Brixton-Chrome has supplied many thousands of stamps and covers to satisfied collectors all over the world.