Canada #U16 2c Red Envelope Uprated And Sent From Montreal to Denmark- VF-75

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5c UPU cover to Denmark sent from Montreal on October 7, 1915. 2c Die 1 Edward VII postal stationery envelope franked with a pair and 3 singles of the 1c myrtle green Admiral (#104), paying a total of 5c postage. October 22, 1915 Vejle receiving backstamp. The stamps are tied by multiple strikes of a station B October 7, 1915 Montreal CDS duplexes. Additionally the stamp impression shows an interesting plate flaw above the "S" of postage. The cover offered here grades VF-75 as follows:

Intactness of the cover: 25/25

Paper freshness from the front: 15/25

Paper freshness from the back: 4/10

Condition of the paper and edges: 15/15

Appearance of the handwriting: 4/5

Clarity of the postal markings: 10/15

Condition of the stamps: 2/5

My asking price for this cover is based on 80% of a value of $86.25 arrived at as follows:

Destination: $25

Franking: $27 ((5 points x 5 points) + 10 points)x $1 per point). Each stamp is rated according to how common it is a cover of this rate and assigned a point value. Only in-period usages are considered. Redundant stamps are also excluded.

Rate: $25

Premium for condition: +25%

If you have any questions about my valuation system for postal history please do contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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